Department of Residential Life

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are the perfect way for you to meet new friends and form a sense of community with people who have similar needs and interests! By living in a LLC, you'll have opportunities to try new things, connect with mentors and campus resources, and make the most of your residential and academic experience here at St. Cloud State University.

Why would I participate? Research shows students who participate in LLCs are more likely to:

  • Stay in college
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Complete more credits
  • Feel more connected to campus

Each community is different — some have shared courses and enjoy close connections with academic departments and faculty, while others are based more on the needs and interests of students. These communities enjoy close partnership with student organizations and participate and plan activities related to their needs and interests.

Living Communities

Students housed in Living Communities share common interests, but are free to pursue their academic and career goals.


Honors Living Learning CommunityStudents in the University Honors program are strongly encouraged to live in the Honors Living Community on a co-ed floor in Case-Hill Hall. The community complements your academic work and offers social opportunities.

Benefits include:

  • A quiet study environment
  • Community Advisor who is an Honors student

Lean more on the Honors Facebook page.


Pride Living CommunityThis all-gendered housing option in Shoemaker Hall allows same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates and other gender-identity roommates. 

The Pride Living Community is an affirming experience for residents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, gender-queer, gender-variant and questioning. Allies are also welcome.

The community is a joint effort of Residential Life and LGBT Resource Center

To apply, complete the Pride addendum to the Housing Agreement. 


Recovery Community image with text underneath
Recovery Living Community
Visit the St. Cloud State University
Collegiate Recovery Community

The award-winning Recovery Community supports St. Cloud State and St. Cloud Technical & Community College students who've struggled with substance abuse and are committed to sobriety.

Use these PDF forms to apply:

Recovery Community partners with Counseling and Psychological Services. Our efforts depend upon contributions from donors such as the Stacie Mathewson Foundation and the CentraCare Health Foundation.

Recovery community is not a treatment program. It does not provide residential or outpatient treatment services. It does not work with government programs such as drug court, probation and parole. It is not a halfway house.  It does not provide medication-assisted recovery. 


Students Taking Action in Recovery and Service (STARS) is a student organization that promotes service to the community and drug-free/alcohol-free fun.

STARS is open to any student. Members meet every two weeks. For more information, e-mail


The Esports/gaming living community in Mitchell Hall groups students together with a common interest in gaming and Esports. Students playing on all platforms (PC, Xbox1, PS4 and Switch) are welcome in this community. A newly renovated lounge in Mitchell Hall will be available for connecting consoles for gaming, gathering and relaxing.