Philosophy Interdisciplinary

Currently, this program is not accepting applications.

Looking to investigate life’s deepest questions? When you major in philosophy, that’s what you’ll spend your time doing. Your courses in history, ethics, logic, rationality, religion and social and political philosophy will give you a global view of knowledge. You’ll use that to examine the nature of truth, goodness and beauty. You’ll consider the meaning of life, what we owe to other humans and the environment, the nature of consciousness, authenticity, personal autonomy and God. You'll also learn the practical skills of critical self-reflection, and you'll fine-tune your analytic and argumentative skills for strategic assessments, discussions and debates that will be useful in a variety of professions.

Program Highlights

  • Bachelor of Arts degrees available in:
    • Interdisciplinary Philosophy (Currently, this program is not accepting applications)
  • Minors available in  
    • Interdisciplinary Philosophy (Currently, this program is not accepting applications)
    • Interdisciplinary Ethics (Currently, this program is not accepting applications)
  • Base of instruction in the history of western philosophy and an overview of the primary fields of philosophy study.
  • Paired with another major or as a minor, philosophy studies prepare you for diverse fields of study or work such as journalism, business, medicine, computer science and economics.
  • Skill development in how to analyze concepts, evaluate arguments, technical reading and writing that often helps on graduate exams for law and medical schools or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  • Active Philosophical Society is an open, student-run organization designed to let students explore philosophical issues outside the classroom.
  • Select classes are available online.
  • This discipline is also available as a minor to complement another major. 

Program Distinctions

  • Faculty that are guest speakers and presenters at national and international conferences.
  • Authors of established philosophy texts such as "Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook," "How to Think Logically" and "Ethical Naturalism: Current Debates" are members of faculty.
  • Research and extensive study among faculty in environmental ethics; feminism; metaphysics; existentialism; Islamic philosophy; Chinese art and religion; social and political philosophy; and philosophy of history, the mind, language and theology.
  • Annual Philosophy Essay Contest

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

Typically used in context of a second degree such as:

  • Education
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Economics

University Facts & Stats

  • 4 philosophy department scholarships available

  • 39 Education Abroad programs offered

  • Tobacco-free campus since 2012

  • 1 million hours of campus, community volunteer service

  • 1 of 139 schools nationwide earning JedCampus Seal for mental health and suicide prevention

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