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As a psychology student, you'll scientifically study human behavior to learn why we behave the way we do and how we can apply that knowledge. Your courses will give you perspectives on personality, thinking, emotion, human development and mental disorders. Through class, laboratory and field work, you'll develop critical-thinking, communications and research skills applicable in many fields: education, health, business and international relations. Your experiences will prepare you for graduate school in psychology or related fields, but also for a wide variety of jobs/careers that value the knowledge and analytical skills of our psychology degree. There are no jobs that require a psychology bachelor’s degree, but many for which it is a desirable or acceptable qualification, such as human resources, marketing, sales, social services and others.

Program Highlights

  • Foundations courses provide introduction to major fields of psychology.
  • Elective courses relate psychology to everyday life and career interests.
  • Scientific, data-driven orientation to psychology based on core curriculum that includes statistics (with lab) and two research methods courses.
  • Opportunities for student-faculty research collaboration.
  • Laboratory houses extensive equipment for behavior research, experiments and data analysis.
  • Senior Capstone Experience allows a choice of in-depth study areas, exploration of classic readings, a self-designed research project or field work.
  • Students present original research annually at the St. Cloud State Student Research Colloquium and/or the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago.
  • All psychology courses within the major are available online.

Program Distinctions

  • Curriculum based on American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.
  • Faculty with a variety of teaching and research interests including:
    • Sleep quality and cognitive performance
    • Organizational leadership
    • Emotional development
    • Emotional  and cognitive-affective development in Parkinson's disease and osteoarthritis patients
    • Learning and memory
    • The psychology of the Holocaust and dictatorships
    • Cross-cultural psychology
    • Creativity and creative problem solving in business
    • Industrial-organizational psychology
  • Faculty with corporate work experience with clients such as Kodak, DuPont, 3M and management consulting firms.

Student Organizations

Continuing Education

Major Minor Online Courses

University Facts & Stats

  • 1 of 139 schools nationwide earning JedCampus Seal for mental health and suicide prevention
  • 39 Education Abroad programs offered
  • 2012 Diversity and Equity Award winner
  • $106 million in scholarships loans and grants
  • 1 million hours of campus, community volunteer service

Popular Careers

  • Mental Health Associate
  • Life Skill Counselor
  • Crisis Intervention Counselor
  • Human Resources Manager
  • School Counselor
  • Case Manager
  • Teacher/Professor