Do you know that the author of the "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" studied Medieval history? Or how jeans are linked to the California gold rush? Have you wondered why we call Iraq and Iran the “Cradle of Civilization?” Are you curious about what Congress and the president do? History enlightens you. It lets you be a time traveler and explore an “old” new world. Not only is it a story, it is a skill set that prepares you for work in business, government, education and the arts. It introduces you to a unique and important perspective. It will make the present richer and prepare you for the future.

Program Highlights

  • New areas to explore such as digital humanities with many new jobs are emerging in government, academia and the private sector for graduates with these skills. Students learn how to:
    • Create digital exhibits for museums.
    • Transcribe and encode historical documents and manuscripts for online research.
    • Contribute to materials and websites at operations such as the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress and Wikipedia. 
  • Education Abroad opportunities in areas with historical significance including China, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Japan and Korea.
  • Opportunity to serve as judges in the Central Minnesota Regional History Day Contest each spring.
  • Internships and work study opportunities available in historical societies, museums and archives.
  • Pathway to graduate programs in history, planning, management, law and international business. 
  • This discipline is also available as a minor to complement another major. 

Program Distinctions

  • Established faculty recognized by peers, publishers and experts for their research in their fields of study.
  • History professor Mary Wingerd selected for two Minnesota Book Awards and a Hognander Minnesota History Award.
  • Two faculty members earned Solon J. Buck Awards for articles written for Minnesota History magazine.

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

  • Museum Educator/Director
  • Interpretive Guide
  • Archivist/Curator
  • Conservator/Preservation
  • Restorer
  • Research
  • Writing/Editing 

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