Geography at St. Cloud State University offers exciting courses and transformative experiences to prepare and equip students with highly marketable skills for a range of exciting professions in private industry and the public sector. Using hands-on cutting-edge technology and scientific applications, such as Geographic Information Science (GIS), Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones), and satellite imagery, along with social, political, and environmental analysis, geography majors make sense of complex patterns and events locally and around the world and seek to understand how physical and human processes interact to create specific places, landscapes, and environments. Guided by a highly trained, dedicated, and welcoming faculty community, our students learn how to create maps, interpret remotely sensed images, analyze spatial data, conduct field study, study abroad, research pressing local and global issues, and gain workplace experience to position themselves for rewarding careers in a high-demand and fast-growing employment sector. Ultimately, SCSU’s geography program prepares students to become responsible and effective stewards of the local and global communities and environments in which they live and work.

Geography major completable entirely online 

The geography major is completable entirely online while retaining the flexibility to take in-person classes. Online classes are offered in synchronous, asynchronous, or HyFlex/hybrid formats, allowing you to access the classroom in multiple innovative ways to best suit your schedule and help you graduate in a timely fashion with a high-quality and marketable degree in Geography. 

To discuss adding the geography major to your program of study, email Dr. Gareth John to express your interest. 

Program Highlights

  • One of the most comprehensive and student-focused geography programs in Minnesota.
  • Preparation for high-demand careers in private and public sectors or further study in some of the country's leading graduate programs.
  • Full-time faculty with expertise in geographic information systems (GIS); remote sensing; land surveying; geographic education; and physical, cultural, and regional geography.
  • Cutting-edge student research facilities for geographic information systems, image processing and cartography fostering hand-on learning.
  • Faculty-student research collaboration at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Exciting geography-focused education abroad opportunities, e.g. Costa Rica, Wales (UK).
  • Locale offers a variety of natural and social geographic features for enriching field experience opportunities.

Program Distinctions

  • 100% employment rate among our graduates.
  • Student-faculty research collaboration opportunities built into major.
  • Generous ($2000+) scholarships available to all majors in junior year.
  • Placement of continuing students in some of nation’s top graduate schools in geography.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab is equipped with 27 dual monitor workstations utilizing several of the most widely used GIS programs ESRI’s ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Civil 3D and Surfer.
  • Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

  • GIS Technician/Analyst/Manager
  • Cartographer
  • City/Regional Planner
  • Emergency Management (GIS)
  • Environmental Impact Analyst
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Regulation Officer
  • Field Researcher
  • Historic Preservation
  • Land Developer
  • Land-Use Analyst
  • Natural Resources Conservation Officer
  • Parks/Outdoor Recreation Officer
  • Physical Geography Researcher*
  • Real Estate Development
  • Teacher/Professor*
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Urban Analyst
  • Waste Management
  • Water Resource Planner

*Advanced education preferred