Print and Mail Services



We help your printing project run smoothly and quickly.

Need table tents, posters, banners, programs, booklets, forms, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, fliers or handbooks?

How about posters, banners or advertising boards?

We also offer mail merge and variable data services. And, we make sure your project meets postal requirements.

Document design and layout

We will design to your specifications or our full-time graphic designer can develop an original concept for you.

Or, choose one of our templates.

We ensure work meets university standards, uses approved university logos and the Minnesota State logo, when needed.

  • Bleeds
    • Start by checking to see if one of our templates or diagrams might help you get started.
    • You will need to add 1/8 of an inch to all four sides of a document (0.125 inches) for bleeds. An 8.5-by-11-inch sheet with full bleeds would need to be designed at 8.75 x 11.25 inches.
    • For folded brochures, you won’t design your panels in exact thirds. You’ll want to add 1/8 of an inch to all four sides of your document (0.125 inches) for any panel that bleeds. That means an 8.5 x 11 sheet with full bleeds that is tri-folded is designed at 8.75 x 11.25. And, you’ll add 0.0625 of bleed to the panel on the fold line.
  • Logos
    • Use only downloadable high-resolution logos that have at least 300 dpi.
    • The Minnesota State logo should be used on every printed piece.
    • Use the ADA and Equal Opportunity statements in our brand guidelines when appropriate.
  • Multiples design
    • Our imposing software calculates how to get the most images per sheet. We’ll run your project for its lowest cost to you. The software also adds the cut marks for bindery.


We print 1- and 2-color projects and 4-color digital press projects.

  • Printing request forms
    • Every project needs a printing request form.
    • That includes projects that use a template or a worksheet. The form tracks your project for billing, while the template or worksheet provides detailed information on the project.
    • If you are sending classroom materials to be copied or ordering letterhead and envelopes, you can put up to six projects on the project request form. You can add sticky notes with special instructions if needed.
    • For multiple four-color projects that run on the press, it’s best to send them on separate request forms.
  • Files and formats
    • If your project is full color, a PDF file is best. For others we need the file in which it was designed.
    • You can email material or provide a jump drive.
    • We must have the completed Printing Services Request form to start your project, so time them to arrive about the same time. Also, put the number from your Printing Services Request form in the subject line of your email. 
    • Include a printout or “mock up” of your project to help us avoid costly errors. It doesn't need to be the actual color or size.
    • We watch to make sure that fonts don’t change or text doesn't re-flow when we open the file.
  • Large format printing
    • Large-format digital printing is available on a variety of media and stocks, including:
      • Vinyl banners up to 42 inches wide.
      • Posters mounted on Coroplast plastic boards 35-by-42-by-¼ inches.
      • Outdoor ink and grommets are available.


Binding options

Our services include:

  • Stapling.
  • Laminating.
  • Cutting.
  • Drilling.
  • Scoring.
  • Folding.
  • Perforating.
  • Booklet making.
  • Padding.
  • 3-hole punches.
  • GBC comb binding.
  • Coil binding services.

Special services:

  • We outsource numbering, die cutting and gold foil.


folding options

  • Half.
  • Standard letter.
  • Right angle.
  • Z: Letter fold with type showing.
  • Half and half.

Mail merge

You provide an Excel file with your print job request and we will merge the data onto the finished piece while it is being printed.


We copy your syllabi, classroom handouts, tests, books, carbonless forms or short-run programs.

  • We make high quality, full-color and black photocopies from hard copies or digital files for you.
  • Need security? Tests and jobs marked “Confidential” are covered and shrink wrapped.

Pick up and delivery

We pick up and deliver when we have student workers available.



We use a web-based billing program. You can print a report of the services billed to your department.