Print and Mail Services

Request printing

Need help filling out a Printing Services Request form?

Use the form for any printing request or for ordering paper, stationery, business cards or pre-printed forms and envelopes.

The form is typically available from department staff, or you can get request forms in bulk from Printing Services.

The form must be filled out according to the instructions below and submitted with any work to be completed.

how to request

  1. This is your REQUEST FORM NUMBER. When your job arrives in our office, it becomes this number. The number is the fastest and easiest way for us to identify your job if any questions or problems about the job arise.
  2. This is your six-digit account number. Every department has at least one. Your job WILL NOT be processed without it. This form is also used for billing purposes.
  3. Record the DATE you want to receive your job. ASAP is NOT a date. Your job is recorded by the request form number and the date you request it to be done.
  4. Always fill in this area with the date you sent your job to Printing Services.
  5. This lets us know that you need it printed by a certain time of the day. Unless sufficient time is given, (at least 24 hours) it will be your responsibility to pick this job up.
  6. Clear information here ensures the prompt running and delivery of your job. We need the name and phone number of the person requesting the job in the event there is a problem or question. An accurate name of the DEPARTMENT, ROOM NUMBER and BUILDING ensures prompt delivery of your job. "Emergency" or "Rush" orders, when accepted for less than 24 hours, will generally not be delivered. You will need to pick those up.
  7. List the number of jobs to be printed and the number of copies of each run. List each original "set" separately. List up to six items on each request form. Inclusion of multiple jobs on one request form will save time processing your order.
  8. All request forms must be signed by the person in charge of the budget to acknowledge the transfer of funds for the cost of your job.
  9. All jobs are printed to these specifications:
    • If ordering white and colored paper together, please use one form for white paper and another form for color paper.
    • White paper will be used unless another color is specified.
    • The paper weight is 20# bond, recycled.
    • The available paper colors are white, canary, pink, gray, blue, green, ivory and salmon, NEONS (ReEntry Red, Lift Off Lemon, Celestial Blue or Fireball Fuchsia).
  10. This area is for typesetting use only.
  11. This area is for Printing Services use only. Do not write in this area.
  12. Retain the pink copy for your records.