Department of Nursing

Simulation Lab

Learning by doing

Our Human Patient Simulation lab allows our undergraduates to develop a comfort level with and knowledge of equipment and procedures they will need in professional settings.

We have five simulated hospital rooms with audiovisual controls, a home care simulation room and 19 hospital bed spaces. And, we incorporate this equipment into our studies:

Nursing Sim Lab

  • Two Laerdal SimMan
  • Eight Laerdal VitalSims
  • One Laerdal VitalKid
  • Three Laerdal SimBaby
  • Two Gaumard Noelle birthing simulator
  • Two Nanco Geriatric Manikins
  • Two medication dispensing units
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Ceiling Lift
  • One Drager Evita Ventilator
  • Video streaming
  • Patient bedside computers and scanners