International Admissions

Orientation Courses and Placement Testing

Orientation Courses

These two courses bear the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) designation because they are administered by the EAP department and taught by experienced EAP staff. They are not language courses. They are orientation courses.

EAP 151 All new international students (graduate students and undergraduates) are required to take EAP 151, which is a one-credit course that focuses on policies and processes, employment opportunities, racism, racial and sexual harassment, orientation to technology and the library, and other issues that are important to international students at SCSU.

EAP 150 is a two-credit course that focuses on issues related to culture shock and adjusting to a new culture. EAP 150 is required for all international undergraduate students including those transferring from schools outside the U.S. International undergrads who have studied in the U.S. for at least one academic year (full-time), international graduate students and Canadian students are exempt from the requirement for EAP 150.

English Placement Exam

St. Cloud State University expects all students to demonstrate sufficient academic language skills.  International students can demonstrate their English language skills by passing the on-campus language proficiency test or by meeting any of the exemption criteria. The admission score makes it possible for more international students to come to St. Cloud State University and to continue to improve their language skills on campus instead of spending more time in their home country before they are ready to demonstrate the required level of language skills. We strongly encourage all international applicants to acquire academic language skills before they arrive on campus so that they can pass the proficiency test.

When you arrive at SCSU, you should expect to take an English placement exam at the beginning of the orientation sessions. As per University regulations, the English placement exam is a condition of each international student's enrollment, unless one of the following nine exemption criteria is met:

  1. You submitted an official TOEFL score for admission of at least 600 (paper and pencil) or 100 (internet Based Test – iBT) with subscores of no less than 25 in reading, writing, and listening.
  2. An official IELTS score for admission of at least 7.5
  3. An official Michigan score of 96
  4. Graduation from the Intensive English Center at SCSU (L4 for undergrads and L5 for grad students)
  5. Successful completion of English 191 (Introduction to Rhetorical and Analytical Writing) or an equivalent course with a grade of C or better            
  6. Documented transfer of ENGL 100 with a grade of C or better.
  7. Graduation from an Associate Arts degree program at an accredited U.S. college or university
  8. Graduation from a Bachelor's degree program at an accredited U.S. college or university
  9. Graduation from a Master's degree program at an accredited U.S. university

If your answer was "Yes" to any of the above nine questions, then you are not required to take the English placement exam (and you are not required to take any of the EAP courses associated with the exam either: EAP 101, 201, 102, 202).

If your answer was "No" to all of the above nine questions, then you are required to take the English placement exam prior to your first semester at SCSU (during the week before classes begin).

Your testing status is predetermined by the Center for International Studies before your arrival. If you believe you meet one of the exemption criteria above, please provide proof to the Director of International Admissions before the day of the test. To meet criterion 5 or 6, you would need to show your Degree Audit Report showing completion of a course deemed transferable as ENGL 191 or ENGL 100.

Although you have met the English proficiency standards for admission, you may be required to take additional EAP courses in Writing/Reading or Listening/Speaking according to the results of your test. These courses are EAP 102, 202, 101, and 201. Each course is four credits and counts toward graduation as University electives. You will be expected to complete those required courses in your first semester.

How can I avoid taking the English language test and classes at SCSU?

You would need to meet one of the nine EAP test exemption criteria.  If you are a new international student, you may retake the TOEFL or other listed English test to try to attain the exemption scores above before you leave your country. SCSU would need to receive your score before the SCSU test date.

You should practice for the Accuplacer ESL Reading and Listening exams. Once you have easily created an account and gained access to the site, use the menu box in the upper left corner to change the test version to "ESL Practice Tests." Select "Learn as you go." Math practice is also there as Elementary Algebra and College Level Math.

On the day of the exam, please bring your computer headphones or earbuds if you have them. A photo identification card (student campus card, passport, driver's license) is required to gain access to the test site. The website for the English test is

Mathematics Placement

Mathematics Placement testing is designed to assist you in starting your mathematics study at the appropriate level. Because research shows that students who enter courses at the proper level are more successful in college, a recent satisfactory ACT or SAT math score or a sufficient score on the mathematics placement test is required before registering for any entry-level mathematics or statistics course. All entry level math courses require a placement exam. Math 070 no longer requires the test.

The Department of Mathematics will exempt transfer students that provide them with documented evidence showing completion of prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better. 

More information about the mathematics placement test can be found online at