Huskies Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Scholarships

Who can apply for scholarships?

Currently enrolled and newly admitted St. Cloud State University students who have at least one semester left at St. Cloud State may apply for scholarships. Applicants must have an active StarID and password to access the Huskies Scholarships application system.

Can international students apply for scholarships?

Yes, though several scholarships are restricted to U.S. citizens. Each scholarship states its eligibility requirements. Scholarships based on financial need are determined by the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which international students do not submit. 

How do I apply?

Login to Huskies Scholarships with your StarID and password.

  1. First, complete and submit a General Scholarship Application. Your answers will automatically match you to certain scholarships (being auto-matched does not guarantee you’ll be selected to receive one).
  2. The second step is to apply for individual scholarships because most scholarships require specific information (such as GPA in major, essays, etc.) not included on the general application.

You will be shown a list of Recommended Opportunities based on your general application answers and student record data. You may see broad scholarships that do not interest you, so apply only for those you feel are appropriate.

We strongly suggest that you search beyond the Recommended list to find scholarships that may not have appeared in that list. Although no student is guaranteed a scholarship, the care with which you submit your application does increase your chance of receiving one. Each year the applicant pool changes.

How do I search for scholarships?

On the top bar click Opportunities, then Ours to see the ENTIRE list of scholarships. The Show Filter button categorizes scholarships in helpful ways. Or, you can search by Keyword in the search box. For example, search by your major, minor, department, program, class level, interests, extracurricular activities, ethnicity, hometown, or other terms such as nontraditional, volunteer, financial need, etc.

Scholarships that are accepting applications and require additional information will have an Apply button.

Also under Opportunities you will find External scholarships available from local and national organizations. Links will take you to external sites to apply.

How often should I submit a general scholarship application?

Once per academic year, though you may revise your general application at any time during the school year. The system is closed during the summer and your application is archived. Most scholarships begin accepting applications in January for scholarships to be awarded during the upcoming academic year, but several departments accept applications during fall semester for the current academic year. Application deadlines are viewable in the system.

Can I save my general application and come back later?

Yes, by clicking on Save and Keep Editing. Incomplete scholarship opportunities will appear as "Drafted" on your home tab. When ready to submit, click Finish and Submit.

Why do some scholarships have an Apply button and others do not?

Scholarships with an Apply button require additional information so you must apply for them individually to answer supplemental questions. Scholarships without an Apply button will automatically match qualified students to that scholarship. This does not guarantee you will receive the scholarship, it merely means your application has been added to the pool for consideration. You will not see the scholarships for which you have been auto-matched on your homepage.

Do I have to be enrolled to receive a scholarship?

Yes. Most require full-time enrollment but some do not. Full-time status is 12 credit hours for undergraduates and 8 credits for graduate students. You must meet a scholarship’s minimum enrollment requirements to receive that scholarship.

Receiving Scholarships

When will I know if I'm going to receive a scholarship and how will I be notified?

Most scholarship committees select recipients within several weeks after the scholarship’s application deadline. Watch for an email to your SCSU email address saying that you’ve been offered a scholarship. It will tell you the offer amount, the semester(s) the scholarship will applied to your tuition, and that you must take additional action to receive the money. IMPORTANT - You must sign in to Huskies Scholarships and Accept or Decline the scholarship offer in order to receive the money. In addition, most scholarships require recipients to submit a thank you letter to the scholarship donor in order to receive the scholarship.

You will receive a new email for every scholarship that you are offered and the above actions must be taken for each.

When will scholarships be applied to my tuition?

You can generally expect the scholarships you have accepted to be applied to your next semester’s tuition on the date the Financial Aid Office disburses all aid for that semester. There may be exceptions if a scholarship committee offers a late award after aid has been disbursed. Scholarships will not be awarded retroactively.

Can scholarships be applied to summer tuition?

Yes, though often the scholarship committee will offer the scholarship for fall and/or spring. If you are offered a scholarship that you would like applied to summer tuition email

How do I submit a thank you letter to the scholarship donor?

The system will prompt you to submit a letter when you accept a scholarship offer. You may type directly into the text box or copy/paste from another document.

Be sincere in your letter, and tell the donor a little about yourself in addition to saying thanks. Know that donors do not select recipients – faculty committees do – but it is because of a generous donor that the scholarship you are receiving exists. Donors contribute because they value education and want to directly help students.

How are scholarship recipients selected?

The information you provided on your general application and specific applications, along with data from your personal record in the university’s data system are compared to each scholarship’s eligibility requirements. Faculty committees evaluate the qualified applications, select recipients and determine award amounts based on available funding and the scholarship donor’s intentions. External scholarship opportunities are processed outside of the Huskies Scholarships system by the organization funding the scholarship.

If I transfer to another school can my SCSU scholarship be transferred?

No. Scholarships awarded at St. Cloud State University must be applied to St. Cloud State tuition and fees.


Who do I contact if I have trouble signing in?

Contact the Help Desk by email or phone (320) 308-7000.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems after I've signed in?

Email for assistance with the scholarship system. The Financial Aid Office can help with questions about your overall aid situation.