Medical Technology Quality (M.S.)

Meena Chettiar

Meena Chettiar is the Director of Quality and Regulatory at Welly Health.

Meena has over 30 years of experience starting with working as a Scientist for Health Canada. Meena has worked in several technical management roles for Land O’ lakes, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Covidien, Promed and Cantel Medical in MN. Meena has been teaching for the MTQ Program for about ten years. She has been on the MN ASQ Board for over 15 years and teaches several ASQ Certification prep classes. Her expertise/ passion revolves around Quality Systems, Regulatory Compliance, Supplier Controls and Quality Testing for design control in medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

M.Sc (Applied Chemistry, University of Madras, India)
M.A.Sc (Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada)
M.S. RAS and Graduate Certification in ACR (Medical Devices, St. Cloud State University, USA)
ASQ (American Society for Quality) certified in CMQ/OE, CQA, CBA and CQIA

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