Biological Sciences (M.A., M.S.)

Requirements and Details


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.

All prospective students should contact a faculty member within the department to discuss research interests and graduate student opportunities prior to submitting an application. Only after contacting a faculty member should you send your application. 

Applications received from prospective students who haven't contacted faculty are rarely successful. In your application it is helpful to indicate the faculty member who has agreed to sponsor you. This step is strongly recommended to increase your probability of admission and to ensure faculty expertise matches that of prospective students. 

  • To be accepted into the program, you must meet department minimum requirements of 150 or higher on the Verbal and 150 or higher on the Quantitative sections of the GRE. 
  • Most faculty can only accommodate a few students in their labs. 
  • When contacting a faculty member, you should provide information about your academic background and career interests. At minimum, this information should include your undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, relevant work experience and career goals. 

Faculty Specializations

Faculty tend to be associated with one emphasis (ecology and natural resources or cell and molecular biology), but it may sometimes be appropriate for a faculty member to advise a student in either emphasis. 

Graduate students will develop an individualized program of study with their faculty adviser the first semester enrolled in the program, where permission can be granted to include carefully selected courses within and outside of the principal emphasis.