Biological Sciences (M.S.)


Students working in a lab

An opportunity to fund your education at our institution is a Teaching Assistantship (TA). We award paid TA positions to graduate students to help pay for their graduate education (typically $9,250 for a nine-month appointment in addition to full tuition reimbursement up to 8 credits a semester). 

As a teaching assistant, students are responsible for teaching 2-3 two-hour-long lab sections per semester of undergraduate biology laboratories (not lectures). Criteria for selecting students for TA positions includes GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, prior teaching experience and the degree track of the applicant (M.S. students are given priority in TA rankings).

TA applications are accepted in the Spring (May 1) and Fall (Dec. 1). Applicants must already be accepted into our graduate program to apply for a TA position. While students enrolled in our M.A. program are still eligible to apply for TA positions, applicants enrolled in our thesis-based M.S. program are given priority in TA application rankings.

  • A student can occupy a TA position for a maximum of four semesters — two academic years.
  • If a student changes their degree plan (for example from a M.S. to an M.A.) during their TA position, they must reapply for a TA position following the completion of their initial contract.
  • Students with a TA position must register for BIOL 678 during their first semester of TA status.
  • Return your TA Application electronically to the Biological Sciences Graduate Director (Dr. Matthew Davis: before the appropriate due date.

In addition to TA positions, you can also apply for one of many Graduate Assistantships offered in other departments on campus to perform various work that also includes a stipend and tuition reimbursement.

Graduate Research Assistantships are also a possibility contingent on funding from your faculty advisor. Inquire with your faculty advisor about the possibility of Graduate Research Assistantships. 

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