Applied Clinical Research (M.S.)

Graduate Certificate


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.


The graduate certificate in Applied Clinical Research offers you foundational courses in clinical research for medical devices. Whether you are a professional working in the medical device or health care industries or are a new graduate looking to enter the field, you will benefit from this professional education in medical device-related clinical research. The certificate is also an efficient transition option for students seeking the master’s degree in Applied Clinical Research.

The program is 17 credits comprised of 14 professional core credits and three credits of restricted electives. An undergraduate degree is required for admission to the certificate program. 

It is offered at the St. Cloud State at Plymouth, Minnesota, and is open to students nationally via a synchronous Zoom attendance option.

Students attending courses through Zoom receive the same lecture and real-time connection with the instructor as they take their courses synchronously with their classmates attending in person. 

Program Track

Fall Semester

  • ACR-620 Applied Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology, 4 cr.
  • ACR-622 Lifecycle of the Clinical Product, 2 cr.
  • ACR-641 Communication for the MedTech, 1 cr.

Spring Semester

  • ACR-624 Biostatistics for the Clinical Trials, 4 cr.
  • ACR-628 Reg Compliance & Research Ethics, 3 cr.

Summer Semester

  • ACR-626 Evidence Based Medicine, 3 cr. (*elective)

Fall Semester

  • ACR-634 Clinical Risk Management, 3 cr (*elective)

*Select one of the two available electives.

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