Graduate Admissions

Institutional/Program Transcript Evaluation Exemptions

For graduate school applicants:

  1. If you have an international transcript from the following SCSU Partner Institutions and are applying to a program where the curriculum has been assessed, it is NOT necessary to secure an international transcript evaluation.
  2. You are required to send a English translated, notarized transcript directly to SCSU.
  3. SCSU extends evaluation waivers to institutions Affiliated with these places of study. Autonomous institutions related to these places of study do not qualify for a transcript evaluation exemption and will need to have their transcripts fully evaluated through a WES or NACES agency.

University of Concepcion, applying to TESL


Beijing Normal University applying to TESL

Changchun Normal University applying to TESL

China Women's University applying to TESL

Jilin Normal University applyin to TESL

Nankai University, Binhai College, applying to TESL
Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES), applying to Master of Engineering Management or M.S. in Information Assurance

Xi'an University of Technology (XUT), applying to MEM

Osmani University, applying to Information Assurance 

Katholische University Eichstatt, applying to TESL

Nelson Mandala Metropolitan University, applying as an exchange student

Gyeongin National University of Education, applying to M.S. in Special Education
International Education Group, applying to TESL

Woosong University, applying to TESL

KyungHee University/Global Campus applying to TESL

Sookmyung Women's University applying to TESL

Gyongln National University of Education applying to TESL

Yonsie University/Wonju applying to TESL

Woosuk University applying to TESL

Meltepe University, applying to TESL