Department of Ethnic, Gender and Women's Studies

Dr. Robert Johnson teaching an Ethnic Studies class.

As an Ethnic, Gender, & Women’s Studies student, you will dig deeper into the issues surrounding women, gender, LGBTQ+ communities, transnational identities and issues, and American racial and ethnic groups.  

Our courses provide insight into the histories, contributions, social/cultural developments, intellectual and creative expressions and present circumstances of these groups in the United States and transnationally.

The multidisciplinary nature of the courses prepares students to communicate across disciplines and to connect global issues with local ones—connections which are vital in this increasingly globalized world.

Ethnic and Women's Studies Campus Partnerships

  • Dig deeper

    We partner closely with the Women's Center, which offers programs such as Women on Wednesday. The panel features diverse women who talk about issues that impact them.
  • Get support

    Our students often work at the Women's Center, where they learn leadership and program organizing.

  • Find resources

    The Multicultural Resource Center is an academic center that supports those who are learning, researching or teaching about the experiences of people of color in the United States.