EducationUSA Academy at St. Cloud State University

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EducationUSA Academy

3-Week Summer program

Students in this program will be able to work alongside undergraduate STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) students in current research projects in our cutting-edge facilities and laboratories. You will also be able to meet with faculty shaping research and discovery within our institution. This opportunity will be supported by language classes to facilitate programmed STEM related activities.

Program Overview

  • STEM Team research project
  • College entry Test Preparation ACT
  • College preparatory seminars
  • College tours
  • Trips to local scientific and industrial sites
  • Interaction with American peers on campus
  • Dormitory life experience
  • Cultural activities and field trips
  • Learning Service project
  • Language classes

Our institution is privileged to have state-of-the-art technology and installations in the Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facilities (ISELF). The College of Science and Engineering maintains the cutting edge in projects and programs that aim to promote STEM careers, and it is actively engaged in collaborative projects with partner institutions and the private sector.

Program Dates

July 7-27, 2019

Application deadline: April 6, 2019
Cost: US $4,995.00


  • Be a high school student age between 15-17
  • Reside outside the United States and be a non-US citizen
  • Dual nationals are eligible (must enter US on a US passport)
  • Be a non-native English speaker
  • Submit a recommendation letter from an English and a science teacher
  • Complete an application