EducationUSA Academy at St. Cloud State University

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Apply Now


  • Be a current high school student between the ages of 15-17 at the time of the summer program.
  • Reside outside the United States and be an international student.
  • Be a non-native English speaker. Demonstrate at least Intermediate-Mid level English skills
  • Submit a recommendation letter from an English and a science teacher. (Recommendation Letter forms will be sent directly to teachers via email by EducationUSA Academy at St. Cloud State.)
  • B1/B2, visa waiver, J1 visa (only for sponsored students)
  • Complete an application.

It is recommended that you apply as early as possible.

After You Apply/Acceptance

Students will be notified of acceptance after May 15, 2019. Your acceptance letter will provide additional information on time of arrival and departure, clothing, housing, activities and fee payment as well as required documents.

Required documents included in the acceptance package:

  1. Participant Responsibility and Program Contract
  2. Absent Parent Permit for emergency/Medical Surgical Care
  3. Absent Parent/Legal Guardian Permission to Administer Over the Counter Medications
  4. Absent Parent/Legal Guardian Permission to Administer Prescription Medications
  5. Photo/video release form
  6. Waiver of Liability, Indemnification and Release Form
  7. Participant Immunization Records (Vaccinations)

It is difficult to answer questions about status of applications prior to the selection process. Please await notice. Applications that are received after April 6, 2019 may be placed on a waiting list.