Lindgren Child Care Center


Student Parent Resources

Our goals include:

  • Developing realistic, age-appropriate expectations for children
  • Clarifying values and exploring methods of child guidance
  • Maintaining quality environments for children through parent involvement
  • Strengthening family-school partnerships and communications

Women, Infants & Children program

The Women, Infants & Children program helps eligible pregnant women, new mothers, babies and young children eat well, learn about nutrition and stay healthy.

Assessment Plan and Annual Report

View our Assessment Plan (PDF) which outlines how we measure and document the development of our children. Information about families and children is confidential. It is shared with staff members on a need to know basis.

View our Annual Report (PDF) which summarizes data collected via survey, programming participation data, and aggregate student parents success data provided by the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research.

Young Student Parents Support Initiative

The Student Parent Support Center (SPSC) serves pregnant and parenting St. Cloud State students and their families.

The SPSC will support you on an individual-needs basis. It has programs that can connect you to other student parents.

Early childhood mental health services

The Minnesota THRIVE Initiative supports the healthy social and emotional development of our youngest children.

Learn more about mental health services on these websites:

Online resources