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Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) FAQ’s

1. What is the purpose of the Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Program?

The purpose of CCAMPIS is to support the participation of low-income parents in postsecondary education through the provision of campus-based child care services.

2. What kinds of activities can be supported with grant funds?

Funds are used to support or establish campus-based child care programs primarily serving the needs of low-income students enrolled in institution. CCAMPIS Program funds may be used either to directly provide child care services or contract for the provision of child care services. Grants may be used for before- and/or after-school services.

3. What are a few concrete examples of allowable activities?

Subsidizing child care costs for low-income, Pell-eligible students enrolled at the grantee institution; providing child care via campus-based programs or by outsourcing within the community; and/or providing child care services before and/or after school.

4. What are the academic requirements to maintain the grant as a student-parent?

Students must:

  • be Pell Income Eligible
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Enroll and Maintain Enrollment in 6 credits
  • Participate in Parent Engagement Plan

5. Why is the CCAMPIS Grant important?

Traditionally it is difficult for low income families to enroll children in high quality care, it is our intention to reverse that trend here at St. Cloud State University. These funds will allow the Lindgren Child Care Center to restructure our wait list process by giving priority to Low Income and Veteran student parents.

6. Can I use CCAMPIS funds at an off-campus child care center?

If you are enrolled in courses on campus at St. Cloud, in Plymouth, or distance/online and your child/children attend an Accredited facility we will have the ability to support some of your costs at that facility. Funds will first be spent at the Lindgren Child Care Center, but we do anticipate being able to support student parents using off campus facilities at NAEYC Accredited programs. To find out if your child care center is accredited, check the NAEYC website.

7. How can I apply?

If you would like to directly apply for CCAMPIS Support, please complete the application form on Huskies Connect.

8. Does the Lindgren Child Care Center have a wait list?

The LCCC does typically have a wait list, but please know that every effort is made to make the wait as short as possible. If you wish to be on the Lindgren Child Care Center wait list, please complete this short online form.

9. Who do I contact with questions?

To support all St. Cloud State University student parents, we will also offer programming through the CCAMPIS/Student Parent Support grant. The program director Brittany Sullivan can answer all of your questions as well as support your educational pursuits through our programming. Information about our services can be found here.

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