Lindgren Child Care Center




Parents may arrange child care hours to accommodate class, study and work schedules.

Enrollment criteria:

  • Undergraduate student taking three or more credits per semester (three per summer session)
  • Graduate student taking three or more credits per semester (three per summer session)
  • Students who leave school to work for the summer, but met the eligibility requirements spring semester and will meet eligibility requirements fall semester 
  • Staff/faculty status applies to families in which one supporting parent is employed at St. Cloud State
  • Student status preempts staff/faculty status when one supporting parent maintains 12 undergraduate credits or six graduate credits each semester


There is a fee differential for student parents and faculty/staff parents and a differential based on age of the child.

Our cost of child care services is generally less than it would be at a comparable center in the St. Cloud area. 

Payment FAQ

How does the billing process work?

Due to changes in business office policy, the LCCC has made changes to the way charges are placed on student accounts. You can take a look at our newly updated Fee procedure in the parent handbook, but highlights from the new policy are bulleted below.

  • Each Student’s Full Semester’s (Fall Semester) Charges will be calculated and entered onto their student account prior to the 5th day of class.
  • All scholarships (PSCCA/CCAMPIS) will automatically apply to these charges along with other unexpended aid.
  • Charges not covered by Scholarship/Financial Aid Award will remain on student/faculty/staff accounts until paid without accruing late charges or causing a hold to be placed on accounts until the end of the semester.
  • If charges are not fully paid by the end of the semester, normal late fee and hold policy will be implemented.
  • Charges for children receiving a Pathway I scholarship will not be placed on an account, but billed separately.

Do I pay when my child is not in the center?

Yes. You are billed according to your child's registration, not actual attendance.

Where do I pay?

Cashier's Office in Administrative Services, Room 123.

What about finals week?

Finals week billing is no different. We will ask for new contact information that week, as your schedule may be different.

Do you accept third-party assistance?

Yes. It is your responsibility to maintain the contract with your county. Counties typically pay following a month of service. 

Wait list

We enroll families from a wait list. 

The date we receive a completed form determines your placement on the wait list. The address and telephone number on the form will be used to notify you about openings.