Department of Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation



Team captains have a variety of responsibilities.

They are outlined in the Captains Handbook as are rules on membership, conduct and safety.

St. Cloud State students, staff and faculty, are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program on campus.

Intramural Sports are limited to a specific number of team entries. Leagues will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For your team to register for Intramural Sports, you must completely fill out an entry form for the sport and turn it into the Guest Services Desk before the registration deadline. In addition, a representative from your team MUST attend the informational captains meeting.

  • The team representative must fill out a complete roster during the registration period.
    For your roster to be processed, it must have the participant’s full name and phone number.
  • All teams must have a team name when the entry is submitted.
    The Coordinator of Intramurals reserves the right to censor team names.

Duties of the captain


What You Need To Participate

Defaults/Forfeits/Rescheduled Contests

Playoffs/Awards/Hall of Champs



Rules of Conduct/Suspension


Add/Delete and Protest Procedures

Sports Conduct

Free Agents, Illegal Players, False IDs


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