Department of Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation

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Facilities Information Hours
  • 6:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Noon-9 p.m. Saturday
  • Noon-11 p.m. Sunday
Main Office
S102 Halenbeck Hall
320-308-4941 (fax)
Fitness Center 320-308-3613
Massage Center 320-308-7240
Outdoor Endeavors 320-308-3772
Sports Facilities Business Office 320-308-5146


Ivan Bartha

Coordinator of Outdoor Programming

320-308-6691 | SRC B (Outdoor Endeavors)

Judy Behrend

Facility Scheduling/Office Manager

320-308-6098 | SRC160A (Sports Facilities Business Office)

Matthew Bueckers

Coordinator of Sports Facilities and Events

320-308-4749 | HAH102C (Student Rec Center)

Julie Clasen

Office and Administrative Specialist Sr.

320-308-5146, 320-308-3327 | SRC160 / HBNHC 109

Chris Haukos

Coordinator of Fitness Programs

320-308-6692 | SRC52 (Student Rec Center Lounge)

Brian Johnson

Business Operations / Marketing

320-308-6003 | SRC160B (Sports Facilities Business Office)

Daniel Kronenberg

HBNHC / Zamboni

320-308-5103 | HBNHC

Cory Portner

Associate Director - Herb Brooks National Hockey Center

320-308-5118 | HBNHC

Ron Seibring

Director of Sport Facilities and Campus Recreation

320-308-5276 | SRC160D (Sports Facilities Business Office)

Chris Stepan

Coordinator of Intramurals and Sport Clubs

320-308-3923 | HAH 102D (Student Rec Center)