Department of Biology



The Department of Biology offers exciting opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate programs (the GRE requirement is currently WAIVED for students planning to enroll in 2021 biology graduate programs). Below you will find information related to our degrees and future career paths. Every student is assigned an academic adviser that will help you optimize your educational experience and future career. We also have developed degree maps and course flowcharts to aid in planning coursework during your time at St. Cloud State. 

Biology Undergraduate Degrees

We offer exciting degree options for your Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree that will prepare you for a breadth of careers in the biological sciences. You will build a strong foundation in biology, and be encouraged to take part in primary research in ongoing laboratory and field projects.

Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution (Bachelor of Science)

Biomedical Science (Bachelor of Science)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Bachelor of Science)

Life Science Education (Bachelor of Science)

Life Sciences (Bachelor of Elective Studies)


Biology Undergraduate Certificates

The Department of Biological sciences now offers certificates designed to enhance your technical skills for your future careers. These undergraduate certificates can also be completed while you complete your undergraduate program.

Histotechnician Certificate

Are you interested in advancing your medical skillset for academic and hospital laboratory training? If your future career goals are focused on a healthcare profession, you may want to advance your skills in histology. This versatile technique is commonly used in research and medical professions for preparing samples and medical diagnoses. This certificate can be completed while you are also enrolled in one of our programs undergraduate degrees.

Biology Graduate Degrees

The Master’s program in Biological Sciences (M.S. and M.A.) is supported by internationally recognized faculty working on research projects funded by federal, state, local, non-profit, and for-profit organizations in a variety of different fields of biology. UPDATE: As a result of difficulties associated with testing facilities and Covid-19, the GRE requirement for the M.A. and M.S. degree is currently WAIVED for students planning to enroll during Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021.

Biological Sciences (Masters of Arts): Online Option Available!

Our Masters of Arts (M.A.) program consists of taking master's level courses (36 credits) and may include research experience from a faculty advisor as part of this coursework. The final culminating project of the M.A. program is a comprehensive exam. This program can be completed face-to-face or online

Biological Sciences (Masters of Science)

Our thesis-based Masters of Science (M.S.) program consists both of taking master's level courses (30 credits) and participating in an individualized research project in the lab of a faculty member willing to sponsor you. To graduate, students write a thesis (typically 75-150 pages) about their research findings and present their research in an oral presentation to the department in a public defense followed by a short oral exam (private defense) pertaining to their project conducted by their committee. Follow this link for information on relevant forms and to learn more about the timeline of being a master student and progress towards your degree.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistantships

Follow this link to learn more about graduate assistantships. To apply, please complete the teaching assistantship application (PDF) and return it to the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Director ( electronically. Apply by May 1 for Fall positions and by Dec. 1 for Spring positions. Graduate and Teaching Assistantships include 8 credits of tuition remission each semester as well as a paid stipend. Once you are awarded a T.A. position the contract will typically cover two semesters of support with opportunity of renewal based on performance for an additional two semesters.