Athletes for Success in the Classroom

Helpful Tips

Here are some Helpful Tips that will benefit you while in pursuit of your Bachelors degree at St. Cloud State University.

Freshman Year

  1. Participate in student organizations and volunteer activities to increase your employability.
  2. If you are undecided in your major, begin developing a list of interest and skills that you posses. Explore the programs offered at St. Cloud State University and talk with an academic advisor to learn more about fields that are inline with your career goals.
  3. Research scholarship opportunities, consult the Financial Aid office room 106 to help get you started.
  4. Meet with your advisor on a regular basis, don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.
  5. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Sophomore Year

  1. Register with the Career Center.
  2. Begin looking at internship opportunities (Career Center).
  3. Act quickly on internship opportunities.
  4. Develop a resume.
  5. Critique your resume with Career Center.

Junior Year

  1. Begin your job search and be sure to check out job opportunities at Career Center.
  2. Gather information on potential job opportunities and do research on those companies that are of interest to you.
  3. Begin writing interest letters to companies.
  4. Polish your resume.

Senior Year

  1. Attend interview seminars.
  2. Register with the Career Center if you haven't already.
  3. Actively begin your job search.
  4. Meet with your advisor to make sure you have met all of the required course work for graduation.
  5. Consult Career Center for more job hunting advice.