Department of Art

Student Organizations

Huskies Design

Huskies Design is a group of graphic design students dedicated to learning more about the field of design, enhance their learning experiences, and create a local community of graphic designers. Members of HD participate in tours of local design firms, print shops, invite various speakers to talk about their experiences and perspectives as well as take part in local AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) events.

Art Student Union

Art Student Union is an art student-run organization dedicated to enlivening campus art life. Students engage in a wide range of activities including: discussions about contemporary art and art making, critiques, art events, trips to museums and galleries, artist’s lectures and movies.

Future Art Educators

The Future Art Educators is a student organization that promotes art in education. The purpose of the organization is to inform its membership of resources, collaborations, and networking for future teachers. Sponsored activities Educator Night at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, membership and participation in the Art Educators of Minnesota, college-to-classroom connections with the Metro Art Museums, and collaborations with area schools and the Paramount Arts District. In the past three years our organization has sent representatives to the National Art Education Association Conferences in New York, Fort Worth and San Diego.