Department of Art



The Department of Art sponsors two exhibition spaces: Kiehle Gallery, which exhibits contemporary art throughout the academic year, and Gallery G10, which exhibits student work from current classes.

Kiehle Art Gallery

The Kiehle Art Gallery features exhibitions that are on the cutting edge of contemporary artistic practice in the Midwest. Kiehle Gallery, located in the Kiehle Visual Arts Center on the campus of St. Cloud State University, presents seven to eight exhibitions each academic year. Exhibitions range from multimedia installations to painting, sculpture, photography, and contemporary graphic design. A free public lecture is presented with each exhibition, which is open to the St. Cloud State University community. Each year we select shows that challenge, inform, and educate students about a diverse range of artists, cultures, and artistic practices.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Nika Kaiser, Mara Duvra, Alec Soth, Brooks Turner, and Kristen Sanders. Past solo exhibitions include: Matt Olson, Pamela Valfer, John Fleischer, Ute Bertog, Valerie Snobeck, and Erik Brandt, among many others. A comprehensive list of the gallery's exhibition history is in progress.

Please contact 2022-24 Gallery Director Justin Quinn for information on exhibits. The Kiehle Gallery Committee reviews proposals for exhibition from contemporary artists to show recent work in our exhibition space (1450 sq. ft) located in the Kiehle Visual Arts Center overlooking the Mississippi River. Artists are awarded a small honorarium for displaying their work and presenting a gallery talk or lecture. 

The annual juried student art show is held in the Kiehle Art Gallery at the end of spring semester.

Gallery Vault (2010-2018)

Gallery Vault was a contemporary art gallery sponsored by the Department of Art at St. Cloud State University and was completely run by students. Located in downtown St. Cloud, it was a highly visible storefront exhibition space that offered invaluable experience for art and art history students. Opportunities included solo and group exhibitions, curating, exhibition installation, gallery infrastructure, arts writing, and public relations. Students working with Gallery Vault gained professional experience and also had the opportunity to shape the galleries’ activities and exhibition mission. Gallery Vault was one of a handful of galleries in United States entirely run by undergraduate art students and has been featured on Minnesota Public Radio and in the St. Cloud Times. Gallery Vault closed at the end of spring semester 2018. However, the spirit of the Gallery Vault lives on in the Department of Art - student organized exhibitions are on view throughout each semester in Gallery G10.  

Gallery G10

Gallery G10 is a student gallery space located within Kiehle Visual Arts Center. It is a designated space within the art department for students to show their work or for faculty to coordinate exhibitions with their classes. The space allows for experimentation and exploration, often giving students their first experiences with exhibiting their work or working with site-specific installations. It is a space for emerging artists and emerging ideas.