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Academic Program Offerings

SCSU’s Academic Program Portfolio – Designed for Students

SCSU’s goal is to offer degree programs that are high-quality and in-demand by our students and our employers. We are committed to a robust liberal education program that provides students with strong personal and professional skills needed for life, work, and citizenship. Our degree programs must be sustainable, financially viable, and contribute to the economic vitality and well-being of our students and state. We are redesigning our portfolio of academic programs, for our current and future students. We are redesigning our portfolio to continue to support our students in making the world a better place!

Overview - By the Numbers


Degree Programs


Bachelor degrees


Master's degrees


Doctoral degrees

Dedicated to Student Success

92% of current students are already enrolled in the degree programs within the approved portfolio.

Student Support

100% of students who are currently enrolled in programs approved to suspend will be offered a clear pathway and adequate time to complete their degree.

These students will receive individual advising and a documented plan for degree completion as well as continued support during their program completion.

College of Health and Wellness Professions

The College of Health & Wellness Professions will continue to offer 14 Degree Programs.
7 Undergraduate Majors, 6 Masters Degrees and 1 Doctorate Program.

Program to be Maintained Degree Type
Applied Behavior Analysis, MS Master
Applied Behavioral Analysis, Psy D (NEW) Doctorate
Clinical Exercise Physiology, MS Master
Counseling: Addiction, BS Major
Counseling: Clinical Mental Health, MS Master
Communication Sciences and Disorders, BS Major
Communication Sciences and Disorders, MS Master
Program to be Maintained Degree Type
Community Health, BS Major
Community Psychology, BS Major
Exercise Science, BS Major
Nursing, BS Major
School Counseling, MS Master
Social Work, BS Major
Social Work, MSW Master

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts will continue to offer 19 Degree Programs.
16 Undergraduate Majors and 3 Masters Degrees.

Programs to be Maintained Degree Type
Anthropology, BA Major
Art, BA Major
Art Education, BS (K-12) Major
Communication Arts and Literature, BS Major
Communication Studies, BA Major
English, BA Major
Film Studies, BA Major
Graphic Design, BFA Major
History, BA Major
Industrial-Organizational Psychology, MS Master
Programs to be Maintained Degree Type
International Relations, BA Major
Mass Communications, BS Major
Mass Communications, MS (Strategic Media Communication) Master
Political Science, BA Major
Professional Communication, BA (English) Major
Psychology, BA Major
Spanish, BA Major
Studio Art, BFA Major
Teaching English as a Second Language, MA Master

College of Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering will continue to offer 35 Degree Programs.
26 Undergraduate Majors and 8 Masters Degrees.

Programs to be Maintained Degree Type
Applied Clinical Research, MS Master
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS Major
Biological Sciences, MS Master
Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution, BS Major
Biomedical Sciences, BS Major
Chemistry, BS Major
Chemistry Education (9-12), BS Major
Chemistry Education/General Science (5-12), BS Major
Computer Engineering, BS Major
Computer Science, BS Major
Computer Science, MS Master
Construction Management, BS Major
Cybersecurity, BS Major
Earth & Space Science Education, BS Major
Earth & Space Science Ed (9-12), BS Major
Electrical Engineering, BS Major
Engineering Management, MEM Master
Executive Engineering Management, EMEM Master
Programs to be Maintained Degree Type
Land Surveying/Mapping Science, BS Major
Life Science Education (9-12), BS Major
Life Science/General Science Ed (5-12), BS Major
Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS Major
Mathematics, BA Major
Mathematics Teaching, BS Major
Mechanical Engineering, BSME Major
Medical Laboratory Science, BS Major
Medical Technology Quality, MS Master
Meteorology, BS Major
Radiologic Technology, BS Major
Regulatory Affairs and Services, MS Master
Software Engineering, BSE Major
Software Engineering, PSM Master
Statistics, BS Major
Technology Education, BS Major
Technology Education, MS Master

College of Education & Learning Design

The College of Education & Learning Design will continue to offer 13 Degree Programs.
4 Undergraduate Majors, 7 Masters Degrees and 2 Post Masters Degrees.

Program to be Maintained Degree Type
College Counseling & Student Development, MS Master
Curriculum & Instruction, MS Master
Early Childhood Education, BS Major
Educational Administration & Leadership, EDD Doctorate
Educational Administration & Leadership, MS Master
Elementary/K-6 Education, BS Major
Higher Education & Student Affairs, EDD Doctorate
Program to be Maintained Degree Type
Higher Education & Student Affairs, MS Master
Library Media Specialist, MS Master
Social Studies Education, BS Major
Social Studies Education, MS Master
Special Education, MS Master
SPED: Academic & Behavioral Strategist, BS Major

Herberger Business School

The Herberger Business School will continue to offer 13 Degree Programs.
9 Undergraduate Majors and 4 Masters Degrees.

Program to be Maintained Degree Type
Accounting, BS Major
Applied Economics, MS Master
Business Administration (Graduate), MBA Master
Business Economics, BA Major
Finance, BS Major
General Business, BS Major
Information Assurance, MS Master
Program to be Maintained Degree Type
Information Systems, BS Major
Management, BS Major
Marketing, BS Major
Planning & Community Development, BA Major
Recreation and Sports Management, BS Major
Sports Management, MS Master

Minor Programs

St. Cloud State University will continue to provide the following 35 Minor Programs.

College Minor
CHWP Communication Sciences & Disorders
CHWP Community Health
CHWP Community Psychology
CHWP Exercise Science
CLA Anthropology
CLA Communication Studies
CLA Film Studies
CLA Graphic Design
CLA History
CLA International Relations
CLA Mass Communications
CLA Military Science
CLA Political Science
CLA Professional Communications (English)
CLA Psychology
CLA Spanish
College Minor
COSE Biology
COSE Chemistry
COSE Computer Science
COSE Cybersecurity
COSE Land Surveying & Mapping Sciences
COSE Meteorology
COSE Statistics
COELD Special Education
HBS Finance for Business Majors
HBS Finance for Non-Business Majors
HBS General Business for Non-Business Majors
HBS Information Systems for Business Majors
HBS Information Systems for Non-Business Majors
HBS Management for Business Majors
HBS Management for Non-Business Majors
HBS Marketing for Business Majors
HBS Marketing for Non-Business Majors
HBS Planning & Community Development
HBS Sports Management