University Communications

University logotypes

Primary logotype

Primary logotype

The St. Cloud State logotype, is the primary element of the St. Cloud State University identity system. It may not be altered in any way.

The logotype containing both the wordmark and the "St. C" symbol, is the preferred visual representation of the university.

Additional orientations of the logotype  horizontal and extreme horizontal  also are available in the download package at right to fit particular layout and design needs.

In certain circumstances, upon approval of University Communications, the two elements of this logotype may be separated. The "St. C" symbol plus the word mark should be used together whenever possible.

These may not be altered in any way. Do not attempt to manually build these logotypes.

Logotype + tagline

Logotype + tagline

The "Education for Life" tagline may be included beneath the three logotype orientations.

Logotype + tagline orientations package is available for download at right. Do not attempt to manually build these logotypes and combinations.

Logotype + signature

Logotype + signatureThe name of major units within St. Cloud State University, such as colleges, schools or department names, may be included under the logotype in place of the tagline when it is essential to communicate the name. This version of the logotype + signature is the preferred layout.

The logotype + signature with reversed hierarchy option gives the name of academic units a higher level of attention. The logotype + signature with reversed hierarchy should be used only when it is
extremely important that the school, college or department be the main focus of the logo.

Logotype + signature orientations packages are available for download upon request. Do not attempt to manually build these logotypes and combinations.


WordmarkWhen the elements of the logotype are separated, this portion is referred to as the wordmark. The wordmark alone will have limited use. Before using the wordmark on it’s own, please contact University Communications for approval.

In order to remain consistent, please use the logotype in place of the wordmark whenever possible.

'St. C' symbol

St. C symbolThe St. C symbol is part of the logotype. It is also available to use separately as a decorative or design element.

The St. C is presented here in the preferred three color representation. Click here for more color options. This symbol is available for download at right.

The St. C should never be rotated or flipped. This symbol should never be used in place of the letter 'C' in words, headlines, or copy.