Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Information for High School Counselors

Thank you for your assistance with our PSEO students. We appreciate the time and energy you put forth in assisting your students!


The Minnesota Department of Education has indicated they will only accept the NOSR form version 17 for the 2016-2017 academic year. All forms for Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 MUST be version 17 or MDE will return them. Updated forms are available under "Forms & Handbook." All PSEO participants for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 must have a NOSR in version 17 on file or they will see outstanding charges on their accounts. Forms will no longer be grandfathered in from previous years per MDE.


Grades & Transcripts
Spring 2016 grades will be mailed directly from the Registrar's office when grades post in mid-May. Spring 2016 enrollments were mailed the middle of January, following our PSEO drop deadline (January 22, 2016).

Students admitted into PSEO for Fall Semester 2016 will attend orientation programs in July. Students must attend a session prior to registration. Students admitted to the program who cannot attend a scheduled an orientation must contact the Advising / First Year & Transition Programs office for assistance (320) 308-2941 in scheduling an individual session.

Students admitted to SCSU's PSEO Program for Fall 2016 will be notified in June of our July and August Orientation programs.

Registration for all SCSU PSEO students begins after degree-seeking students is complete. Students are welcome to register on campus with SCSU staff, but are also free to register anywhere they have Internet access. Students may continue to adjust their schedules throughout the first week of classes. Current students must have a new Notice of Student Registration form on file by posted deadlines; new students must attend orientation prior to registering for courses.

Registration for Fall 2016 courses will begin in July for returning PSEO students. They will be notified of the date/time via SCSU email and in e-Services.  New PSEO students will register as part of their orientation program.


Students must have ALL application materials submitted by the posted deadlines:

  • Fall Admission - June 1
  • Spring Admission -November 1

A completed application file includes the application, Notice of Student Registration form (version 15), official high school transcript, and standardized test scores (if needed).

Students must also submit a new Notice of Registration form each term they are participating in the program. This form must be received and processed before a student will be allowed to register. We suggest that students and/or schools keep a copy of the student's form for their files. Thank you for assisting students in submitting their forms!