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Transfer Pathway: Computer Science B.S.

Transfer Pathways allow you to complete your Transfer Pathway degree at a Minnesota State Community College and transfer to St. Cloud State University without losing credits or taking extra courses. You are guaranteed junior status and given assurance that all 60 of your credits will count toward the related bachelor’s degree.

After you are admitted to St. Cloud State University, you will complete 60 credits to earn your bachelor’s degree. For more information about how St. Cloud State can support your transfer, connect with a member of our Transfer Team.

Year Three

3rd Year/Fall Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
CSCI 320 Computer Architecture II 4
CSCI 331 Software Systems 3
MATH 222 or MATH 304 Calculus II or Tools of Mathematical Reasoning 3
STAT 353 or STAT 417 Statistical Methods I for Engineering or Applied Probability and Simulation 3
Semester Credits Total 13

Notes: MATH 222, if taken, is 4 credits.

Equivalents of PHYS 231 or BIOL 151 or CHEM 210 or PHYS 234 (General Physics I or Cell Function and Inheritance or General Chemistry 1 or Classical Physics I) should be completed prior to transfer as the first course in the required science sequence.

3rd Year/Spring Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
CSCI 310 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
CSCI 310 Programming Language Concepts 3
MATH 312 Linear Algebra 4
Goal Area 3
ENGL 332 or CMST 341 Writing for the Professions or Communication in the Workplace 3
Semester Credits Total 16

Notes: PHYS 232 or BIOL 152 or CHEM 211 or PHYS 235 (General Physics II or Organismal Diversity or General Chemistry 2 or Classical Physics II) should be completed prior to transfer as the second course in the required science sequence.

ENGL 332, if taken, is 4 credits.

Year Four

4th Year/Fall Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
CSCI 334 Communication for Computing Sciences 1
CSCI 311 Systems Programming 2
CSCI Electives 6
Goal Area 6
Semester Credits Total 15

Notes: CSCI Electives: select 5 courses from at least 3 of the following areas, with the approval of your advisor. One elective may be substituted by an internship experience (CSCI 444). Systems: CSCI 411, CSCI 412, CSCI 413, CSCI 415; Theory: CSCI 402, CSCI 403, CSCI 404, CSCI 406; Artificial Intelligence: CSCI 440, CSCI 441, CSCI 442, CSCI 443; Software Engineering: CSCI 430, CSCI 431, CSCI 432; Applications: CSCI 450.

4th Year/Spring Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
CSCI Electives 9
CSCI 332 Computing Ethics 3
Goal Area 3
Elective 1
Semester Credits Total 16

Notes: Science course: If not taken prior to transfer, select a different subject from the chosen required science sequence. ASTR 311, ASTR 312; BIOL 151, BIOL 152, CHEM 207, CHEM 210, CHEM 211; ECE 201; ENGR 332; AHS 220, AHS 260; PHYS 231, PHYS 232, PHYS 234, PHYS 235, PHYS 328, PHYS 329, PHYS 333.

Updated: 1/6/2022

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