Computer Science

Computer Science

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Students who major in computer science will find themselves with the skills that drive advances in tomorrow's business, industry and homes. You'll be taught by a diverse faculty whose global research and reputations mean you'll focus on the latest computer science advancements. You'll start with theoretical and practical application courses such as programming, data structures, operating systems, problem solving, digital logic, data algorithms and ethics. Later, you'll choose specialization courses such as artificial intelligence, distributed systems, parallel computing, networks, computer security, database systems, programming languages, advanced computer architecture and software engineering.

Program Highlights

  • Opportunity to apply for National Science Foundation STEM scholarships offering up to $12,000 for two years.
  • Well-equipped, updated laboratories.
  • Laboratory projects that are considered graduate-level work.
  • Industry ties for internships and jobs.
  • Student-faculty collaboration on research with immediate applications.
  • Active student chapter of the ACM, a national professional organization.
  • Select classes are available online.

Program Distinctions

  • 100% job placement past 5 years for computer science graduates.
  • 1 of 2 Minnesota schools accredited by Computing Accreditation Commission of Accreditation Board for Engineers Technology.
  • 1 of 262 U.S. schools accredited by Computing Accreditation Commission of Accreditation Board for Engineers Technology.
  • Notable alumna: Beth Sorensen '90 is vice president of products for MakeMusic Inc. and was a leader in the development of Finale, a music notation program that is now the industry standard for composers, arrangers, musicians, teachers and publishers. Finale was used in movies such as "Argo" and "Lincoln" and at the Juilliard conservatory and Berklee music college.  

Student Organizations

Continuing Education

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University Facts & Stats

  • 39 Education Abroad programs offered
  • 25 years of residential math-science-computer camps for youth
  • More than 600 student veterans and active military enrolled
  • 1,100+ international students
  • $106 million in scholarships loans and grants

Popular Careers

  • Information Systems Manager
  • Network Specialist
  • Web Design/Maintenance
  • Database Developer
  • Database Administration
  • Programmer
  • Systems Analyst

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