Costume Studio

All Theatre Program activities are held within the Performing Arts Center, centrally located on the SCSU campus between the Miller Center Library and Atwood Student Union.

Performance Spaces

Center Stage is a 400-seat proscenium theatre which includes a motorized full-stage revolve, a hydraulic elevator forestage, a complete digital sound system, a computer lighting control board with 192 dimmers, 50 fly battens with a complete counterweight fly system and fly rail, and 14 lighting positions.

Arena Stage, the smaller and more flexible theatre, has an open grid and a combination of permanent and temporary seating for up to 100 spectators. The space can be configured to allow most staging approaches. It also contains a memory lighting control board with 78 dimmers.

Technical Areas

Our Scenic Studio is equipped with a pneumatic air system, an 18 feet by 40 feet elevating painting rack, industrial quality tools and an 18 feet by 22 feet retractable wall for easy access to our main stage. The scenic studio, supervised by a professional theatre technician and a faculty designer, offers a safe environment for students to develop their artistic and technical skills.

Our Costume Studio is well equipped with all the necessary tools to train both costume designers and costume technicians. Design students have access to a large collection of costumes produced in house as well as a collection of historic garments for study. Student technicians use domestic and industrial sewing machines and industrial irons. Large cutting tables and ample light give everyone space to work comfortably. A full-time costume studio director is on staff to teach students the proper techniques, creating well-rounded costumers.

Other facilities

Dressing Rooms are large and well-lit. They are located conveniently near the costume studio and performance spaces. The dressing rooms include showers, lavatories, individual make-up application areas and a secure locker space. An intercom system connects the dressing rooms to the stage manager's console. Doubling as the makeup classroom, the space provides ample room for our students to work comfortably and see their work clearly.

Our Sound Production Studio, located about the Arena Stage, includes a complete array of digital recording and sound production equipment.

Our Green Room serves as a student lounge and also functions as the lobby area for the Arena Stage when productions are being presented there.

Our Departmental Office houses a script library, containing thousands of play scripts and texts for students to consult.