Department of Special Education

Student Teaching

Teacher candidates are required to pass specific tests in order to be licensed as a teacher in Minnesota. Registration for these tests may be obtained from the Office of Clinical Experiences. The MTLE Center in the College of Education and Learning Design helps to assist students with study guides and registration procedures.

  • Candidates seeking Minnesota teacher licensure in special education must pass the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics components of the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam (MTLE): Basic Skills in order to be admitted to the Special Education Major and the General Education Block.
  • Candidates must take the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam: Basic Skills in order to register for 300- and 400-level education courses.
  • One additional test is required to earn a special education teaching license: Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam: Special Education.

Students desiring to obtain a major in special education should be particularly aware of the admissions procedures, which are outlined in the Undergraduate Special Education Handbook. While progressing through the major, there are four points at which the student must follow the appropriate admission procedures:

  1. admission to ED/SPED/CFS 200 field experiences.
  2. admission to the General Education Block and application to the Major.
  3. admission to the Special Education Block and admission to Teacher Education.
  4. admission to Student Teaching.