Supporting Autistic Students Success Initiative (SASSI)

Neuro Network Student Group

SASSI student group


The SASSI Neuro Network student group is a student-centered program for current St. Cloud State Students with the goal of promoting success in academic, interpersonal, and social experiences, self-advocacy, independence, and social integration. SASSI values neurodiversity and the benefits that neurodiversity contributes in our community.

The SASSI Neuro Network group meets weekly through the fall and spring semesters to support neurodivergent students’ experiences while at St. Cloud State University. The group is facilitated by graduate students from the departments of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy, and guided by input from the neurodivergent participants.

Neurodivergent students may be involved by attending weekly meetings, leading group discussions, planning social events, participating in autism research and/or student panels to inform others about autism, and much more!

Who can enroll

This program is currently offered for students registered in any undergraduate or graduate major at St. Cloud State University. Diagnosis is not necessary to participate in meetings. 


There is currently no cost for enrollment or services.  


We focus on creating:  

  • a supportive and meaningful college experience for students. 
  • opportunities to engage in and develop relationships with other neurodivergent students. 
  • opportunities for leadership through leading discussions, participating in research and/or panel presentations, planning social events, and more.
  • opportunities to develop individualized goals and self-advocacy skills for college navigation.  
  • opportunities to practice and develop time management and organization skills during students' time in college and in their career. 
  • opportunities to practice job interviews and work-related communication skills. 


We offer: 

  • one-on-one peer interactions/peer support. 
  • group-based conversations with autistic and non-autistic peers. 
  • one-on-one speech-language therapy sessions to address individual goals related to social-communication, executive functions, self-regulation skills.

Contact Us

For more information, follow the links below and/or contact a SASSI Leadership Team member: