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Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can change quickly in the region. Students should stay alert and keep an eye on forecasts calling for rain, wind, thunder, snow and tornado conditions. Dress appropriately and stay safe with driving or shelter advisories. If conditions pose a threat to campus, a University Star Alert will be issued with recommendations for safety or campus closures and delays.

Tornados, Alerts and Taking Shelter

SCSU will issue a StarAlert when there is a tornado approaching campus, as confirmed by a National Weather Service warning, or a tornado warning from Stearns County Emergency Management.

SCSU will also issue a StarAlert when weather sirens are heard in St. Cloud. When you hear weather sirens sounding, or you receive a StarAlert indicating a tornado or weather warning for your area, take shelter immediately. Shelter indoors, and away from windows or doors.

Frigid Temperatures

Protect yourself from cold temperatures and wind chill by wearing several layers of clothing. Wear a hat, gloves and scarf to avoid frostbite. Keep an eye out for emails and alerts warning of frigid temperatures and the possibility of getting frostbite in just a short period of time. The National Weather Service offers multiple resources on safe travels during winter weather, dressing properly for extreme cold, and health precautions for winter safety.

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SCSU Public Safety & Escorted Walks
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Women's Center
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Office of Institutional Equity and Access
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SCSU Medical Clinic
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Counseling and Psychological Services
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