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Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Prevention

St. Cloud State takes affirmative steps to prevent sexual and discriminatory harassment in the workplace and classroom. Students or employees with concerns or uncertainty about sexual misconduct and possible harassment or discrimination are encouraged to contact the office for Institutional Equity and Access at

Institutional Equity and Access 

The Office of Institutional Equity and Access (OEA), which houses the Title IX Coordinator, is the primary and designated office responsible for addressing concerns related to discrimination and harassment (e.g., Title IX, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) which include matters such as sexual violence, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, bias incidents, racism, and other such concerns that can affect our campus community. In addition to ensuring equity in hiring practices and cultivating a culture of equity, inclusion in learning and teaching, and belonging for all. 

Services provided include:

  • Meeting with students, staff, and faculty to listen to their experiences  
  • Provide supportive options and information regarding campus processes to address concerns; both formal and informal.
  • Assist in identifying needs and referrals to campus and community support resources
  • Facilitate proactive training, programs, and activities for the campus community 
  • Support and engage with various campus and external community partners 


The Title IX Coordinator: Chocoletta Simpson

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator

Office for Institutional Equity & Access, AS 121

(320) 308-5123

Women's Center Gender Violence Program

The Women’s Center offers violence prevention programming, education and trainings, and confidential support services for students of all genders who have experienced sexual violence, relationship/partner abuse, stalking, and sexual harassment. 

Services gender violence advocates provide:

  • Support/processing related to an experience of violation or abuse, dating/relationship issues, or concern for a peer/friend/partner
  • Provide options and information on campus, criminal, and civil laws, policies, reporting, legal processes, and victim rights
  • Safety planning and assistance with campus supportive measures
  • Assistance with filing a lease termination form or a Harassment Restraining Order
  • Identifying needs and referrals to campus and community resources/support
  • Educational resources on relationships, sexuality, feminist and gender issues

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