Department of Psychology


Psychology students have diverse interests and your required classes have enough flexibility to address those interests. To guide your planning for graduating from St. Cloud State University in four years with a Psychology major, we have prepared degree maps, which list the required and optional classes needed to fulfill either the Psychology major or minor.

Major and minor course checklists

The course checklists provide a quick reference to the required and elective courses for the major and the minor programs. They show what courses are offered — which semester(s), on campus and/or online. If you would like one, please stop by the office (Whitney House 102) or email a request to and one will be emailed to you.

Additionally, Psychology faculty are available for major and minor advising.

All psychology majors need an access code to register for fall, spring, and summer courses. You can obtain an access code only from your faculty advisor. The homepage on this website has a red advisor lookup button.

Faculty advisors can provide the same information as peer advisors and are better able to answer questions about graduate school and careers in psychology. Please contact the Psychology Department or your assigned advisor to set up an appointment.

If you are interested in majoring in psychology, please meet with a faculty member in the Psychology Department to discuss the field of psychology and your career goals.

Transfer information

To find out how psychology courses from other colleges or universities transfer to St. Cloud State, please contact the Psychology Department at 320-308-4157 and make an appointment with Dr. Melcher. It is helpful if you bring with you any information about the courses you want to transfer, such as official course descriptions or syllabi.

Additional resources