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The most fundamental part of being human is the ability to communicate using language. Linguistics is the scientific study of language as a system. Students in this program learn how the scientific method of inquiry is applied to the study of the nature of language, its acquisition, and its use. This scientific approach necessitates formal studies of speech sounds, grammatical structures, and meaning in interpersonal, inter-lingual, and intercultural contexts. Student-centered courses help students apply what they learn to analyze, evaluate, and create language artifacts reflecting their understanding of our diverse, multilingual, multicultural world where language and society/culture intersect.

Program Highlights

  • Strong training in the core areas of Linguistics
  • The emphasis on acoustic phonetics gives students insights into voice-enabled intelligent systems such as Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • Co-teaching with Engineering and Computer Science introduces students to coding for intelligent systems
  • Good preparation for careers in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Strong support for learning other languages
  • Excellent track record with students being admitted into Ph.D. programs in Research 1 Universities

Program Distinctions

  • Linguistic Portfolios showcases the best of student research in all core areas of linguistics. Articles are published at the recommendation of the faculty who taught the course for which the research was originally conducted.
  • Intensive English Center (IEC) offers English language instruction for international students for whom English is another language. Linguistics majors can volunteer as tutors for this program, gaining valuable hands-on experience in interacting with people from across the globe. 

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

Graduates with education in language and humanities commonly move into leadership roles by about 10 years after graduation. 

  • Good candidates for employment in the language technology world
  • Good candidates for employment in National Security and Intelligence
  • Good preparation for Teaching English as Second Language overseas and any language learning