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Chair: Glenn Davis, Chair english@stcloudstate.edu
Telephone: 320-308-3061
51B - Room 126
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498
Linda Lou Krueger lekrueger@stcloudstate.edu 308-3829
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Mission Statement


Dedicated to the study and practice of the diverse uses of the English language in all its forms, the English Department devotes its energies and its teaching to English studies as understood in the richest sense, including: the heritage of literature written in English, the philosophy and practice of rhetoric and composition, creative writing, English education, linguistics, the methods and theories of teaching English as a second language (TESL), and, in general, the social, ethical, and psychological dimensions of language use.

To further this mission, the goals of the English Department are

1)      Instruction in college-level literacy: To prepare students to think, read, and write critically and creatively from a variety of perspectives.

2)      Instruction in the power of language and how human beings acquire, master, process, and use language.

3)      Instruction in literary culture: To encourage the development of students' imaginative vision and to empower them to make their own lives and the lives of others more fulfilling by providing education in the literary traditions written in English.

4)      Instruction in communication technology: To prepare students for developments in the uses and meanings of information technology by teaching them to use reflectively and effectively a variety of communication technologies.

5)      Support of scholarship and professional development: To build a community dedicated to the creation of knowledge, recognizing that active scholarship and active teaching are inseparable.

6)      Career preparation--general: To prepare undergraduate and graduate students for a variety of careers and graduate programs.

7)      Career preparation--teaching: To prepare students for K-12 or college-level teaching by offering instruction and practical experience through internships, assistantships, or student teaching.

8)      Academic advising: To advise undergraduate and graduate students for academic and career success.

9)     University-wide literacy support: To support reading, writing, and language development as craft, skill, and mode of learning across the University.

10)   Support of community and professional networking: To facilitate Departmental connections with the community at large and the community of scholars.

11)   Support of student life-long learning: To attend to the critical and creative reading, writing, and interpretation skills necessary for the development of responsible citizens and for improved quality of life.

Resources and Services

The Write Place
51B 118
Anyone is welcome to visit the Write Place for help with any writing they are working on.

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