Business Economics

Students in the business economics major are entering a field that has grown in value on a local, national and international scale in the past four decades. Your insights will be sought by a range of businesses and government agencies. You will be trained in practical problem-solving techniques that work across public and private sectors, and develop analytical skills to understand private, nonprofit and government influences on the economy. Campus activities, organizations and internships will offer you opportunities to build leadership skills and connect with professionals in the field.

Program Highlights

  • Cohort of full-time faculty members with doctorates, a passion for their particular field of economics, and diverse teaching and research experience.
  • Graduates are top candidates for law schools and master of business administration (MBA) programs.
  • High earning potential due to high demand for economics knowledge and skills in the workplace.
  • Paid internship opportunities with brokerage firms, banks, government agencies, manufacturing and marketing firms.

Program Distinctions

  • Home of the Center for Economic Education, which aids in the preparation of the "St. Cloud Quarterly Business Report," a quarterly data release which profiles the St. Cloud and Central Minnesota economies.

Popular Careers

  • Claims adjuster
  • Corporate finance
  • Credit analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Economic forecasting
  • Financial planner
  • Policy advisor
  • Risk management consultant