Undergraduate Placement Testing

Score Interpretation

Accuplacer tests do not have fixed passing scores, so you cannot fail a placement test. A placement test merely determines what courses you would be best to start with when you begin college.

The score requirements vary depending on the course you wish to test into. All of the scores on the Accuplacer exams are provided on a scaled scoring system. For example, if you get a question right, you will be given a slightly harder question; if you get a question wrong, you will be given a slightly easier question.

Below, are the minimum Accuplacer scores required for the corresponding courses.

ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension

ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension table
78+ ENGL 191
BELOW 78* Required: ENGL 190 and COLL 120

*NOTE:  If your score is below 54 and English is not your first language, you will need to contact the EAP Coordinator for additional assistance.

ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra

ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra table
70+ MATH 072 -or- STAT 193
BELOW 70 Required: MATH 070

ACCUPLACER Intermediate Algebra

ACCUPLACER Intermediate Algebra table
65+ MATH 115 -or- STAT 219, 239
60+ MATH 072, 112, 193, 196, 201 -or- STAT 193
BELOW 60 Required: MATH 070

ACCUPLACER College Level Math

ACCUPLACER College Level Math table
65+ MATH 221, 271
60+ MATH 113, 211
50+ MATH 072, 112, 115, 193, 196, 201 -or- STAT 193, 219, 239
BELOW 50 Required: MATH 070


ACCUPLACER Biology table
25+ BIOL 202
BELOW 25 Required: BIOL 103, 151

*NOTE:  It is very important that you meet with your advisor prior to registering for courses.  Your course selection is based heavily on your major and placement scores.  Not all students will take the course(s) they placed into.