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Statement of Commitment

The revisions reflected in this edition of St. Cloud State University’s Affirmative Action Plan address the significant changes that the University and the broader community have experienced since the previous plan was distributed in 2010. These include the continuing restructuring of the University and strong strategic direction from the system office to address the challenges of workforce development that face Minnesota.  Not the least of these is a significant performance gap between majority and minority students in our school systems.  I commend the good work that has gone into the effort to ensure that our hiring practices will continue to reflect our commitment to advancing social justice, diversity and inclusion.

In our efforts to create an anti-racist and non-discriminatory environment and institution, we are committed to affirmatively recruit and retain protected groups, including but not limited to women and minorities.  Additionally, St. Cloud State will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, membership of activity in a local commission, or age.

This new plan comes at a time when we continue to operate under conditions that restrict hiring. Furthermore, during the time covered by this plan we will face a state budget deficit for the next biennium; thus, uncertainly continues.  These circumstances, which have seemingly become perennial, will in no way diminish our commitment to our mission which includes a responsibility to educate students with a global perspective.

A college education must do more than prepare students for career success. It must prepare them for life success by giving them the tools to live and thrive in a changing world – tools best provided by a diverse, well-rounded faculty and staff dedicated to equal opportunity for all. It is vital that those who serve in our hiring processes have access to a clear and comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan in order to ensure that those who join the ranks of our faculty and staff are prepared to uphold these principles.

Federal and state laws mandate and Minnesota State policy requires that we have an updated Affirmative Action Plan accessible to the public. This is that plan. It embodies our commitment to develop a diverse workforce, which is essential to the achievement of our mission. As president of St. Cloud State University, I affirm this commitment and pledge our full efforts to realize the objectives outlined in this plan.

Earl H. Potter, III, President of SCSU

December, 2012

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