Department of Music


World Drumming Group

The World Drumming Group is a lab class open to all students at St. Cloud State University. The group is dedicated to providing a multi-cultural drumming experience through an open and inclusive setting, with a focus on the facilitation of group drumming experiences. The class focuses on hand drumming techniques on a variety of percussion instruments including the Cuban cajon, congas and bongos, African djembe, Irish bodhran, and African shakers, bells, and woodblocks. Rhythmic traditions explored include the Brazilian carnaval samba, folkloric Afro-Cuban drumming, and the Bagandan amadinda xylophone.

How to join

Register for MUSP 159 and attend the first rehearsals of the semester, Monday, Aug. 22 or Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 1-1:50 p.m. in PAC 113.

Contact Dr. Vermillion at to ask questions or find out more information.

Ensemble highlights

  • The SCSU Day of Percussion brings nationally recognized performing artists and teachers to SCSU for a day filled with performances, clinics and workshops.
  •  The David Swenson Memorial Foundation Guest Artists Series enriches the Percussion Studies curriculum by bringing professional percussion artists for public performances and student workshops.
  •  Collaborative performances with local artists including Minnesota Dance Ensemble, Minnesota Center Chorale, student artists, SCSU Orchestra, Concert Choir and Jazz Ensemble, and local DJs and beat boxers.