Department of Music

Musician Health and Safety

The psychological and physical health of our students is important to the Department of Music and the University. Our applied teachers work on a regular basis with educating our students in maintaining healthy practice and study strategies and have conducted individual research in their applied areas. We work to provide reading and online tutorial resources in our individual applied lesson syllabi, through the D2L site for Music Convocation, and through lectures in music convocation. The University also provides assistance for students through the Counseling and Psychological Services office.

Resources for Health, Wellness, and Safety for Musicians

Online Resources


  • Dr. Darin Workman. The Percussionists Guide to Injury Treatment and Prevention: The Answer Guide for Drummers in Pain. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group Publishers. 2006.
  • Randall Kurtz. Injury Prevention & Management for Musicians: The Drummer's Guide. Musicians Health Resources. 2021.

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