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Students intending to major in music who complete a Scholarship Audition will be considered for awards that range from $1,500 to $5,000. Music minors and non-music majors are also encouraged to audition, and those who qualify will be considered for performance awards to participate in Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, or Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15, 2024 (for new students*)

*Students who are returning to SCSU in 2024-2025 will audition live on Friday, February 23, 2024 and should complete STEP TWO below and speak with their SCSU applied lesson instructor or ensemble director for the audition application link. Returning students do not need to apply through Acceptd.

STEP ONE: Apply to St. Cloud State University

New and transfer students should complete the application to St. Cloud State University at 

STEP TWO: Complete the Huskies Scholarship Application

Once admitted to St. Cloud State, you will activate your StarID to access and complete the general Huskies Scholarship application for music at

Your answers on this general application will automatically match you to all music scholarships for which you qualify. (Auto match does not guarantee an award.)

STEP THREE: Audition

All scholarship applicants must complete the Acceptd online application, accessed via the red portal below. Once in Acceptd, start by choosing a degree and program from the dropdown menus on the left. Those wishing to submit a video audition must do so by the deadline of March 15, 2024. An alternative option for live auditions will be held on Feb. 29, 2024 and may be scheduled by calling (320) 308-3223 or emailing no later than Feb. 23, at which time you will be given a specific audition time and schedule for the day on February 29.


STEP FOUR: Accept awards

A scholarship offer will come to you in two forms: a letter from the Music Department at St. Cloud State University and a notification from Huskies Scholarships. The letter will outline your award amount, provisions of award and deadline to accept. The Huskies Scholarships’ notification will direct you through the steps to accept your scholarship. 

Important Dates

Friday, February 23

Deadline to request in-person audition (freshman & transfer)

Returning Student Audition Day

Thursday, February 29

New & Transfer Student Audition & Campus Visit Day

Friday, March 15 Deadline to submit video auditions on Acceptd website
Monday, April 15 Scholarship notifications sent by email and mail
Wednesday, May 15 Deadline to accept scholarship awards on Huskies Scholarship Site

What to play for your audition

Choose voice or the appropriate instrument below for information about what to prepare for a successful audition.

If you have further questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Catharine Bushman, Interim Chair at

Brass, Woodwind and Strings




David Swenson Foundation Scholarship in Percussion Audition Requirements

Dr. Terry Vermillion, Professor

  • Demonstrate accomplishment on at least two of the areas listed below. If you do not have access to percussion instruments normally available, you will not be disqualified.
  • During this COVID-19 pandemic period we recognize that many talented percussionists may not have access to a complete set of percussion instruments. Percussionists are encouraged to seek the assistance of their director in arranging practice and recording time on whatever instruments they may not have at home. If it is not possible to arrange access to instruments you do not have at home, we encourage you to complete an audition video with whatever instruments you have access to. Many talented percussionists also demonstrate proficiency on a secondary instrument including piano, guitar, bass, or a wind instrument.
  • If a student needs suggestions for audition material, the following list if provided only as a suggestion and is not required. MN MMEA All-State Audition Etudes also make excellent audition material.
  • The David Swenson Foundation Scholarship is awarded to percussionists majoring in music. The award totals $20,000 paid out over four years. Degrees in music include Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Performance, Bachelor of Arts in Composition, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music which makes an excellent degree for those interested in a double major. Many students double major in business, psychology, engineering, among others.
  • Percussionists have opportunity to perform in the Wind Ensemble, Husky Sports Band, Husky Drumline, and the Contemporary Music Community performance opportunities for percussionists include the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, Great River Chorale, and GREAT Theater, among others.
  • The percussion studio has four dedicated practice rooms with 5.0, 4.6, and 4.3 Malletech marimbas, Malletech xylophone, Yamaha vibes, Yamaha and Gretsch drum sets, Ludwig and Yamaha timpani, a large variety of Brazilian and Cuban hand drums, and large variety of percussion. Two of the percussion practice rooms are equipped for recording projects including a Yamaha EAD10, Yamaha mg10xu, M-audio Air 192-4 audio interface, EAD and AT 2020 mics, Novation Bass synth, Boss Loop Station, and Mac computers.

Snare Drum

Keyboard Percussion


Drum Set

Suggested Audition Repertoire

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