Department of Music

Contemporary Ensemble

The Contemporary Ensemble provides performance opportunities outside of the traditional band, choir, and orchestra traditions. The group explores elements of small group chamber performance and group improvisation and focuses on performance of contemporary chamber music, pop music, and student compositions. The ensemble's instrumentation is flexible. Past configurations included various combinations of voice, electric bass and guitar, piano, synthesizer, percussion, drum set, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, and acoustic bass.

How to join

Contemporary Ensemble is open to any student on campus, regardless of major. Students participating in the Contemporary Ensemble register for MUSP 156-01. Interested students should contact Dr. Terry Vermillion for permission to audition.


Interested students may request an informal audition - a chance to meet the conductor and play a short piece of music on your instrument or voice. Percussion instruments, piano, synthesizers, bass and guitar amps, and a complete PA system for singers are provided for the ensemble.