Department of Music

Charles Wazanowski

I was planning to tell perspective students all the amazing places I have played and who I studied with and how many successful students I have had study with me. I kind of know how to do that kind of thing. Please visit my website if that interests you.

What I am attempting to do here is some give perspective students an idea of who I am, my teaching philosophy and what a student might expect in a lesson.

Charles Wazanowski has spent a life time performing music. Sometimes, it has been a full time job and other times not so much. Whatever the circumstances there has been a desire to excel. Along with the desire for excellence is an innate curiosity about the most efficient way to achieve the goal of great playing. Please let me share this knowledge with you.

My teaching philosophy: You are an A student. I only work with A students. Let’s get to work. The future is rewarding for both of us. 

Lessons are usually an hour long some times longer. During a lesson there is a performance of prepared materials consisting of etudes, solos and excerpts. After the performance there is a period where principles of coaching are employed to expand and build on the performance you have given. Underlying this is a process of developing you as a teacher. Being your own best teacher will get you the results you want quickest with the least effort.

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