Department of Music

Bonnie Sorensen-Ernst

Bonnie began studying piano at age 9 and from a very young age knew she wanted to be a piano teacher.  Piano has always been a wonderful creative outlet and being able to play beautiful music has enriched her life beyond measure.  Bonnie’s love of piano playing and desire to teach lead her to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from St. Cloud State University with Dr. Carmen Wilhite and Dr. Tom Allen.  She went on to receive a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University, Dallas with Dr. Sam Holland. 

As a teacher, Bonnie upholds a strong standard for well-rounded musical excellence.  She strives to create a climate in which students can experience continuous musical, intellectual, and emotional growth.  In this process of growth, it is her goal for students to become independent learners.  She believes that a positive learning environment is vital.  Feedback must be constructive.  She also believes that the use of humor in the learning environment helps students relax and makes the learning process more enjoyable and more effective.  Interested students are encouraged to participate in MMTA and Federation Festival performance opportunities.  The joy of music-making is an important component of every private lesson and Bonnie feels privileged to share that joy with her students.