Department of Music

Christopher Mechell

Dr. Christopher Mechell joined the SCSU Music Department in 2018 as adjunct professor. A dedicated pedagogue, Dr. Mechell has had extensive experience teaching students of all ages and levels in both private and university settings and has taught in Minnesota, Indiana, and Washington. In addition to teaching at SCSU, he is currently on faculty at the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts.

Dr. Mechell completed his Doctorate in Piano Performance at the University of Washington studying under Professor Craig Sheppard. A multi-year appointment brought extensive experience teaching an applied studio of undergraduate and graduate students, instructing class piano courses, and managing the Secondary Piano Department. He earned his Master’s degree in Piano Performance with a concentration in Music Theory from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, in 2011.  He also earned his Bachelor’s Degree at IU in Piano Performance in 2008. As a music scholarship winner throughout his years, Dr. Mechell studied with Evelyne Brancart and Edward Auer.

Dr. Mechell has led master classes regarding piano performance and given lectures on various topics across multiple states. An active performer, Dr. Mechell makes it his mission to give back to the surrounding community whenever possible by performing solo benefit recitals, collaborative projects, and/or programs that help those in need.

"My teaching philosophy for all levels has been shaped by a core belief that music matters. It is my conviction that expert learners can be molded and developed and that within every student there lies an inherent musical ability that is waiting to be nurtured and taught. It is this concept of musical discovery that has helped me to shape my own personal values and it is my ultimate goal to share with students the benefits of such a mindset. My philosophy also embodies a focus on overall musical development, independent thinking, enjoyment of learning, and knowledge in all aspects of the repertoire.  It is important to relate to each student and I strive to adapt my lessons accordingly."

When not teaching or playing the piano, Dr. Mechell likes to go hiking, eat oranges, and play chess.